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no period after stopping pill

Hi all.. just joined up here - seems like a great place! Wink

Figured I'd throw my situation out there and see what other people think.

I'm 28, had been on the pill for 10yrs and stopped taking it 4/6/08. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex since. My periods have been quite irregular since coming off the pill - 4/10/08 5/11/08 6/14/08 7/6/08 (31 days, 34 days, 22 days) and now going on day 39 with no period in sight. I took an HPT last week that came up negative.

Could I be pregnant and it's jut too soon to show postitive, or am I just over analyzing/over hoping?

I don't remeber if prior to the pill I was regular or not. I know while on the pill I was regular, but after 2-3 yrs on the same pill I would just stop getting my period and the MD would switch my pill. The MD reasoning was that my body was "adjusting" to the pill.

any insight?

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replied August 14th, 2008
well... guess I'm just totally irregular. Started AF this morning.

so much for being preggo! *sigh*
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