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No period after removal of Mirena IUD

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I am just wondering how long it takes for your period to start after having Mirena IUD removed?

On May 25 I had my Mirena removed because I was always cramping (everyday), my period were VERY irregual which is off for me. ( when I was on nothing at all I would have my period every 27-29 days, when I got Mirena put in it ranged from 26 to 44 day) My periods also got heavier and longer.

I am waiting for it to come so that I can start the Pill. I obviously do not want to be pregnant, but I know that there is a small chance as I had sex the night before my IUD was removed and the IUD was tilted when it was removed (not a T like it should have been, the top was on an angle).

Anyways it has been a week and there is not sign of my period showing up.

Has anyone else had this problem before??

Thank you for your help!
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First Helper mb24

replied September 27th, 2010
I had mine removed on September 9th, 2010. No cycle YET! Of course i'm I'm excited but scared to be "too excited". It could be my body is just adjusting. Patiently waiting..... Hope you get the outcome you're hoping for!! and SOON!
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