My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year. Our honeymoon period didn't last very long, which wasn't a problem, we're both adults and our relationship got pretty serious pretty fast. I am on the birth control shot and have been trying different medications for my depression. My doctor and I are still on the road to figuring out whats best for me. So a couple months ago I lost any and all desire to be intimate with my boyfriend. I feel that I lost my libido entirely. Now that Im switching medications, I can feel the urge slowly coming back but I'm still resistant. My boyfriend won't do anything to make me uncomfortable including initiating anything that could lead to sex and he's been fully supportive while I am going through this faze that isn't and hasn't ever been me. I have always enjoyed being intimate and enjoyed it so much with him. I'm just so scared that this is how things are going to be if I continue to take anti depressants, and I can't not take them. That is a very dark path indeed, one that I am not willing to travel back down.
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