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no full erection

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Hello there
my name is Robert and for over a year now im in a relationship with my girlfriend and soon we are planning to have our first time
my only embarrassing problem is that i never was able to get a full erection before in my life, i'm 17 and i found this worrying
my situations looks like this:
when my penis erects as it does, it doesn't erect fully, the head of the penis never comes out it always stays inside the skin, so that's why i found this worrying, i never seem to have problem with soft erection so i think that's not a problem of blood flow in my penis, my bmi is 24 so im slightly over weight but i don't think its a problem in this case, i think the problem is that when my penis erects the head doesn't comes out due to the opening on the top of the penis and the end of the skin should easily slide down while penis is erected but in my case it doesn't, its a bit smaller than the head and the head cant get through, i don't feel pain while my penis is erecting but when it is erected and i try to slide the skin down it is quite painful, and also when the head is inside the skin and i touch it, it feels uncomfortable with and it is slightly painful, im quite embarrassed to go to the doctor about it so i hope i hear the answer here
take care!

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replied May 9th, 2012
Experienced User
First and foremost--DON't be embarrased to talk with your Doctor about this or any other sexual concern. I can assure you He/She has heard it before, won't be shocked and won't judge you!

Sounds like your foreskin is tight at the far end. You might try retracting it several times in a row morning and evening for a few days. Sometimes this will help stretch the foreskin a bit. There are surgical procedures that can loosen the foreskin without removing it. Personally though, nobody is going to get me to volunteer to let them take a sharp object near my penis.

You say that you don't get fully erect. Do you get fully hard? Just your head doesn't pop out doesn't mean you aren't fully erect. Some foreskins are longer than others.

If you are with your GF and your foreskin doesn't retract, just reach down and help it out as though it was the most natural thing in the world. She probably won't even notice, but if she does, it's doubtful she'd say anything about it. It's like when she reaches down and holds her lips apart so you have an easier time getting in the right spot.

Hope this helps. Many wonderful orgasms to you both!
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