Last weekend I went on a wild rant on one of my friends. I said some bad things but it was only sparked by some real stupid comments he made. The next day I sent an e-mail to him to apologize for my actions but he is predictable and I know he just deleted it.

Now they are all backing him up and are totally ignoring me. NO e-mails, or picking up my calls. I only did it once to my other friends but they are in no rush to get in contact with me. To show my remorse I even deleted my team from a lifetime sports pool we have and told them to keep my payment for the winner.

I know now that he has probably painted me as the big villain that should never even exist in the group ever again. I did everything I could but I don't know what to do now.

Any comments or insights is greatly appreciated.

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replied March 12th, 2008
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Dear Number8,
I can relate to your story I lost my bestfriend of 10 years over something which is so stupid and till now I still regrets it very much. I guess that the thing that one have to take responsibility after hurting someone else's feeling. To me now regret the action and never to repeat the mistake in the future. And in your case as you mentioned you ever did it once before this not everyone is forgivefull.
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