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No erection for 6 months

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10% of men experience erectile dyfunction. When does a penis become erect? And what is ED? Start here for ED basics....
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I am 25 yr old guy.I am facing erection problem since last 6 months.I havent found erection at all.Due to this problem my relationship is in danger.I am feeling to cumit
suside!please help me in this matter otherwise i dont have any choice!Waiting for your positive response.
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replied October 31st, 2009
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First of all try not to commit suicide. You should submit some more information like, what are your dietary habits, were your seminal emmissions to frequent before the erection problems started. Do you take any type of drugs? How is your sex drive? Is it high or very low? Are you depressed? What color is your urine? Is it dark, pale, or normal color? The more information you provide the better. I would really like to help. Do not commit suicide, you can recover from this.
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