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No energy, no matter what I do. Please help.

If this is in the wrong section, I apologize, I wasnt sure where to put it.

No matter how much sleep I get, I never have even the tiniest amount of energy the next day. Today I tried the energy drink Spark, drank 12oz of coffee, and even had 2 doses of a preworkout and Im still ready to take a nap at any moment. I have been to several Doctors about this and no one has found any reason behind it. I am not depressed (I have been tested and the multiple different anti depressants did not help either), they checked for adrenal fatigue, the only thing they found was I have low testosterone (Im 26). Testosterone medicine raised it quite a bit but still no help in energy. I use to be highly active, always going to the gym and eating healthy (I still eat healthy and take my vitamins) but now I can barely get off the couch, its getting worse. I really need some more ideas, please, I miss going to the gym and having a life.

I have tried dozens of sleep aids (ZMA, GABA, Ambien (gave me awful acid like hallucinations), tylenol/excedrin/advil pm, walmart sleep aid, etc), dozens of energy drinks and supplements/preworkouts. I have gone with using absolutely no stimulants for several weeks to hopefully help lower my tolerance if I built one up but that didnt help anything afterwards.

It usually takes me 1-4 hours to fall asleep and I rarely wake up at night so when Im out Im usually out until morning. I get full 8-10 hours of sleep and if I dont use an alarm I can easily sleep 12-14 hours (I have many times).
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replied June 5th, 2013
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First thing that comes to mind for me is the possibility of sleep apnea. That could be an explanation. If you haven't ruled that out, you should consider having it checked it out.

Suggest you ask for a referral to a doc who specializes in sleep medicine. That will help you either treat or rule out any potential medical causes, including apnea, underlying your unrefreshing sleep. A sleep study may be in order.

If it turns out you have no underlying medical issues, you might consider nonmedical root causes. At the risk of stating the obvious, taking 1-4 hours to fall asleep is a sign of insomnia. And sleeping 12-14 hours is excessive, often indicating depression. Although you say you have ruled that out.

To treat any nonmedical root causes, suggest you look into CBT -- cognitive behavioral therapy -- specifically designed for sleep. You can google something like "CBT methods adult sleep training" or similar and probably find much online info.

Good luck.
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