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No energy - dizzy

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My boyfriend is experiencing vertigo, fatigue ( even after sleeping all night) and headaches. We want to know what or if there is somthing he could take to feel better. Also if there is somthing he should be concerned about.

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replied October 7th, 2008
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That is a good could be a number of things. I would suggest that he visit his physician for a correct dx.

My vertigo / fatique and sleepiness are mostly due to inner problems / sinus infection.

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replied October 12th, 2008
I am also experiencing the same thing. I could sleep all night but still be fatigue. I also am constantly dizzy. I feel like I am on a boat. I also have no appetite. I am also 3 months post partum. I've been to numerous doctors, and they have not found anything yet. I will keep searching.
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replied April 7th, 2009
feel the same
i feeel th exact same and hav just been diagnosd with anxiety and constantly dizzy and got really bad head aches feel nausea.. do u experience like faintness?
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replied October 12th, 2010
Sounds like an inner ear infection. Or low blood sugar issues.

See a doctor, for both.
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replied November 29th, 2010
Does anyone of you have been DX with anything?
I have also sinusitis but dont know if symptoms is related to this or to CFS?
Arms and legs restlessness, migraines/headaches,
vision problems....fatigue,muscle aches...numbness..
What is this?
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