Male 85 physically active - strength training and squash once or twice per week
Taking Simvastatin, L-thyroxine, vitamin-mineral & Ca+Vit.D supplement, baby aspirin
1992-2005 Complained often to doctor about always feeling tired. Many tests - nothing found
Dec. 2005 4 panic attacks in 8 days. Took Lorazepam for about 3 weeks. No recurrence of panic attacks.Took Citalopram and trazadone for many months - no improvement in tiredness feeling.
Sept. 2006 - Jan. 2007 3 sleep tests gave conflicting results on sleep apnea but all showed no stage 3 or stage 4 sleep.
Feb. - July 2007 used CPAP - CPAP readout said no sleep apnea. No change in tiredness problem.
July - Aug. 2007 Took Ambien no effect.
Jan. 2008 Clonazepam for a while - no effect.
Jan. 2009 New sleep study showed no apnea but some periodic leg motion. Took requip (up to 2 mg per day) - it made me more tired.
Status in August 2009: I take about 2 hours to get to sleep and wake up 10 or more times a night but go right back to sleep. Still looking for relief from the tiredness feeling.
Any ideas?
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replied August 25th, 2009
you have taken a lot of medicines. why dont you try meditating. if you are fit you can do yoga may help. why dont try it?
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