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no climax linked to prozac ?

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I have recently started taking prozac, and since have had real trouble ejaculating - both through sex and masturbation. I am feeling great, and have never had problems before. I have read prozac can affect sexual performance. Obviously I cannot just stop taking prozac, I have to run the course of the perscription upon my doctors advice, but is there anything I can try to help improve my chances of orgasming? My girlfriend is starting to feel insecure and blaming my performance on the fact I may not like her anymore, which is not true!

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replied June 12th, 2008
I have Had this Problem On Other Similar Drugs
I used to take Paxil, Zoloft, and Celexia... And on all three it was extremely hard to have an orgasm. And when I did have one the was no pleasure. I had secretion of semen, but no sensation. What are you taking Prozac for?? If you are taking it for anxiety ask your doctor if Magnesium + B-Complex viatmins would doctor was right by placing me on something more natural because they have no side effects what so ever.
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