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No balance problems

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Hello, i am new here and i have a question about MS and balance.

I have been having MS symptoms for about 6 years but have not been tested. Never really put all my symptoms together into a relative disease theory, until recently.
I have basically just went to the doctor for each one. I have never really had a problem with balance that i can tell anyway. I have had small balance issues here and there but nothing that stands out that i would consider a big problem.

Does everyone with MS have balance issues in early disease or is it a progressive thing.

I am currently seeing a neuro-opthamologist for a possible third-sixth cranial nerve palsy or possible TED with a CT scan on March 24th.

I saw a Neurologist in 2006 for a suspected ulnar neuropathy but it was never confirmed if that was what it was, it was suspected only and at that time all my initial neuro tests in office were fine, MS was not suspected then. But so much has transpired since then. I've never had an MRI but i can say with 99% confidence that i will have at least 4 lesions. No kidding. I have had distinct classic attacks but ignored them all. I am currently having spasticity, TN and vision problems.
Have had the electric-shock feeling that ended in 2007, couldn't drive for about 6 months because of it,(couldn't check my blind spots, lol)
Woke up with right side weakness and dragged my foot for about 3 weeks and that gradually got better and just went away.
that is just a couple i will write about, but i feel so atupid now ignoring all these things, but i didn't want to get all paranoid about things that just eventually went away. I thought, nothing long-term must have just been something i did. A simple explaination everytime.

Anyways, i'm rambling now, i hope some one can answer my question
thank you Rolling Eyes 4you
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replied March 6th, 2009
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Balance can be an issue but not always...

I have balance issues every now and then...however nothing major.

Some of your symptoms that you have described are consistent with MS...I would find a reputable neurologist who also understands and treats MS patients...
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replied March 6th, 2009
Thank you, i will for sure do that. I live in Canada so it's a long process to get to a specialist. But the search for a diagnosis in MS sounds like a long process in itself.

This forum is very insightful,I found great information. Thanks again
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