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I tried out taking L-Arginine along with the other supplments specified in "NO more Heart Disease".

For the first 3 weeks, it worked amazingly.

I am 63 and my readings were like I used to get at 43.

Anyhow, it stopped working after about 3 weeks and my BP went up even higher.

------ what to do? -----------

I did some research on the internet about what might be the problem.

I found two things:

1. Taking the supplements do not work as well with people that have long standing HBP and/or diabetes.

2. Damage to the edothelial cells from diabetes (which I have) reduces their ability to use the supplements you take to be converted into Nitric Oxide.

3. HBP destroys Nitric Oxide which in turn raises BP, which in turn destroys more Nitric Oxide, etc...

------------- what to do? -----------

My question is:

Is it better to take supplements to provide all the needed ingredients for the body to produce Nitric Oxide, which will reduce blood pressure? or not to take them?

I found an article on the internet that I don't understand.

Maybe it says that the supplements cause high blood pressure in people with defective edothelial cells in the lining of their veins.

Does anybody know something about this subject.

I would have not thought this was something to be concerned about, but I don't want to get even higher blood pressure because of taking the supplements.

research, research, research...
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replied August 18th, 2009
Let's see if I can help...

-Nitric oxide is created from oxygen and arginine thanks to nitric oxide synthase enzymes.

-There are three main nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes, the key for blood vessel vasodilatation is Endothelial NOS (eNOS).

-It is believed that oxidative stress (caused by free radicals & more likely as we age) is one of the main reasons that the body stops creating enough eNOS.

-Endothelial dysfunction also has a negative impact on the production of eNOS

-NO and eNOS are probably both created during exercise (possibly one of the ways exercise works to lower blood pressure)

-NO and eNOS have a complicated relationship; neither one acts properly without the other.

So, as far as the supplements go I would be inclined to think that they probably would not work, since you need the eNOS, not just the NO.

If you want to get your body to create more of the NO it needs to regulate blood pressure, I would suggest an exercise routine and antioxidants. I would also encourage you to look into a device called the Zona Plus- it has be scientifically proven to reverse endothelial dysfunction and increase Nitric Oxide in the blood stream. My grandfather used it to lower his blood pressure over 50 points.

Good Luck!
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replied August 23rd, 2009
I am going to try a "Zona Plus". I figure if it doesn't work out, I can always sell it on ebay.

One comment though:
You said your grandfather used this device to lower his BP by 50 points.

How long did it take before the Zona Plus had an effect?

Is your grandfather exercising by
walking, swimming, calestenics, etc?

My BP when I am not taking drugs is 180/115 with fluctiations up or down.

I frankly am scared of doing much exercise.

thanks for the reply
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replied August 24th, 2009
It took about 7 weeks of using the device 5 times a week for my grandpa to see the drop in this blood pressure. His BP was really high when he started using the device... often over 200 systolic. The Zona lowered his BP to where it bounced around the 140-145 range and then he changed his diet and has kept it in the normal range for several years now, even while going though all the stress of Grandma getting Alzheimer's.

I totally understand being afraid of exercise when your BP is already so high to start with, but my understanding is the Zona is completely safe.

Feel free to holler if you have more questions!
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replied February 9th, 2010
Hibiscus Flower Tea 3x per day. Sold in bulk (under $4/lb.) in grocery stores catering to Mexican population. It is delicious hot or cold. 10/ gives the full detail
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replied March 20th, 2010
I have found a product called Pro Argi-9 Plus that has helped myself and many others lower their blood pressure and also has dramatically helped others with diabetes. You can find out more info at the following website:

Give it a try I am convinced it will help many others also.
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replied June 21st, 2010
Can i order Pro argi 9 on the net? In one sentence can you tell me why it will lower my blood pressure.Tks
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replied December 31st, 2012
Nitric Oxide and HBD
please what is this information about the sinusis producing nitric oxide. Does it mean that people who have HBD and suffer from sinusitis may have a more serious problem?
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