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nightmares since childhood

I have been having isues with sleep since I was 11 in that I find it difficult to go to sleep, I normaly do not get to sleep untill the small hours, I also find that I cannot wake eserly in the mornings. I can also find that I get vivid and desterbing nightmares as I go to sleep, these tend to invole feeling phisicly restraind and then there is sexual immagery which I find desterbing. I find that I am unable to wake up durin the nightmare, and it can take a long time to get back to sleep afterwords. The nightmares tend to occure in groups not inderviuly. Initaly they would occure several times in one night for several weeks at a time, more recently it has deminshed to only one nightmare per night and less frequently.

I have had councling which did not inprove the nightmares. My GP did try pescribing antideprents but these did not have an effect on the nightmares. I am cannot live with these continuing nightmares as they are inpacting on my daily life and ability to work.
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