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Nightmares at least a few times a week.

For the past few months I've been having nightmares at least a few times a week.
In most cases I forget them almost immediately. Last week I had nightmares for two nights straight. These, however, were extremely bad and vivid. I'm a male and usually not emotional at all, but after waking up ( and I'm pretty sure I was screaming in my sleep), I wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. In fact, I did cry myself to sleep one night. It's been a week since then and I still get very upset after replaying them in my mind. I still cannot get over it. I'm married and have two kids and this situation is causing a lot of distress for me. I never used any drugs, don't take any meds and rarely ever drink. I don't abuse caffeine. I don't have PTSD neither. Never a problem falling asleep and I sleep like a corpse. Any ideas what may be the cause?
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