I don't know where to beging with this. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone was attacking my wife. I was trying to get the person off of her and couldn't. I then went to the nearest window to open it, in order to set off the alarm system for help. Turns out, there wasn't anyone attacking my wife. I was the one that pulled her off the bed, thinking it was an intruder. She has woken up screaming before and I will swing over the top of her thinking someone is attacking her. I always wake up and I'm alert. This time I didn't until I set off the alarm and realize she was ok. I spent the next hour looking out the window for an intruder. I have no idea what just happened to me and now I'm scared to even sleep in the same bed. My kids get in bed sometimes too, which is also scaring me. Have you ever heard of this happening to people? I watched a crazy new show about aliens, "The Falling", before I went to bed.
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replied June 22nd, 2011
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It is not uncommon for people to incorporate things they have just experienced (movie, TV, reading, actual event), into their dreams. This is why people with PTSD have many terrible nightmares.

It is also not uncommon, if the TV in currently on, for whatever is going on in the show to be incorporated into a dream. Just as sometimes, when the phone rings or the alarm clocks goes off while you are asleep, it may not be recognized for what it is, and be placed into a dream sequence, or you may answer the phone if the alarm clock rings.

My child used to act out dreams. If there was fighting, arms and legs would swing. Fingers would be pointed and shooting sounds made. Occasionally, when swinging, other people would be hit. Unfortunately, it was not outgrown.

If this starts to become a problem or you feel that you may be dangerous to your spouse, you should probably see your physician about it. Sometimes, sleeping medication can help, other times just speaking with someone about it can help.

Good luck.
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