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Hi, I've had issues with night eating for at least the past two years. I've tried just about everything, some days are good but I usually just feel hopeless. I'm starting to think taking an appetite suppressant at 10:00 every night would help a lot.

I always drink enough water and excercise, but somehow I usually seem to fall into a cycle of eating all night, then I'll sleep half the day and not eat until 11:00 pm. Mainly I want to find a good way to keep myself out of the kitchen late at night.. like something that will make me feel full so I'll be able to sleep and just eat the next morning.

I've been taking melatonin and 5HTP which helps me feel tired, but I'm mainly looking for a natural appetite suppressant to make me not want food later in the day. Sourcenaturals hoodia didnt do much, I was looking at things like african bush mango and brown seaweed extract, but havent tried them yet.

Any suggestions or advice would be great!
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replied March 4th, 2012
Try drinking some sweetened tea. Caffeine is a natural suppressant and the sweetness of the tea satisfies your sweet tooth. I do this when I want to binge, and it really helps! Just go to the store and get some black tea and either use sugar, honey, or Splenda ( I use because no calories) to sweeten it. I hope this works!
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