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night attacks/ physical nightmares

I've just recently had some "attacks" or what you would call night terrors or vivid nightmares in my sleep. these nightmares were so vivid, that when i got up it was almost like I felt an aftershock of this horrific nightmare, nerves were shot, and i felt like i just got blasted in the face, shot by something or blasted by a grenade of some sort.

Granted I have no history of trauma. but has anyone ever had trauma induced nightmares?? i am under a lot of stress much of the time, most of it self-inflicted-meaning caused by me or my way of thinking, or naturally by the way my body tenses up in reaction to situations.

these nightmares are so intense, that i feel like something is missing when i get up, like a part of my body has been blown off, destroyed or ripped apart. Maybe it is just psychologically induced, but it feels like a permanent change in my psychological state.
the first was where a dog came up and crunched down on my right eye. and ever since then my right side of my face wasn't the same. the second which happened the other night, was where a shark bit down on my chest, a crushing feeling.

the two things these have in common are that they both were under the influence of seroquel, which is a potent histamine blocker known to cause nightmares. in fact anything that block histamine causes these type of nightmares.

but i wanted to know if anyone else has had experience in thesetypes of nightmares?? and what they did?
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replied December 5th, 2009
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My therapist believes that dreams (or nightmares) are a doorway into the unconscious.

Yes, I have dreams that can have a draining effect on me at times. My dreams are usually abstract, and even if they are disturbing somewhat, I wouldn't call them nightmares because I'm not frightened in them. They're very related to traumatic events in my life.

I really can't advise you about your experience with these very powerful nightmares.
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