can anyone tell me if nicabote/nicotette lozengers or gum can increase uric acid
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replied February 10th, 2013
gout and nicotine aids
11 years with gout.
i am asking the same question, and have read many post asking. when I asked my doctor he told me that he had not been told of anything. I think there is a direct link and my doctor knows this but there has not been any research into this, so he can only give official information. I have not been gout free for 3 month since taking nicotine aids. with twinges,2 minor attacks,1 attack and 1 in progress severe attack affecting hands to feet and all the joints in-between apart from the hips and this is defiantly gout as my uric acid levels have hit an all time high. i think being smoke free out weighs the gout if in the long term it will help with my health as I'm not planning to take nicotine aids forever.just to say its 6am and i have been up all night again with gout pain. even my nsaids are only holding the position of the gout. i have read many things and believe now the only option is to use uric acid reduction drugs instead of diet control and cherry juice. hope this helps
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