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Nexplanon implant still having periods. When will it be normal?

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Hi everyone! I had the implant for two months, I suffered side efftects such as
Uncontrollable crying over everything and anything
Mood swings
Feeling emotionless
Stomach cramps
Lack of appetite
Trouble sleeping
Since having it removed (two weeks ago) I have felt happier and haven't felt empty, stomach cramps have reduced except from the usual period pains and my appetite has come back slowly. I still cry over everything but it has reduced. Anyway, my problem is, I've been on and off my period for about a month and a half. Whilst still on the implant I started spotting every other day which wasn't a problem, and it was so light I didn't need any sanitary protection. I've noticed when I had sex, I would bleed more and it would be red, rather than brown. Since having the implant out I've been on a very light period, for two weeks straight, it seems to go, so I think I can have sex but as soon as I do, I bleed again. It's so frustrating!!! Luckily I have a very lovely, understanding boyfriend! So I was wondering, when will this stop? And when will my periods be regular again? Since having the implant ice been so very cautious of the things I'll be putting in my body, it's crazy how such a little thing for such a short time has affected my body like this! I wish I'd never had it done. I feel so much better for having it removed, so urge any women that are having similar problems to not hesitate!

I'd like to know your stories so please comment :)

Sorry for sharing TMI but thought it was needed!
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