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Nexplanon and pregnancy symptoms

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I got my nexplanon in august 2016. After I got it I had my period for about a month, then didn't get it for about 4 months and now recently I've been getting it super sporadically. I got it for like 10 days and then about a week later I got it again. I now got my period about a week after my last one and I have cramps but it's super light, almost nothing. I'm worried it could be like implantation bleeding instead of a real period. I know nexplanon is supposed to cause irregular periods but I'm worried I have preganancy symptoms. I am super bloated and am constipated and my boobs have gotten bigger. I let my boyfriend finish inside me each time since I thought that was okay with this form of birth control and we are both clean. Can someone tell me if I'm freaking out for nothing or if I should actually be worried?? Thank you Smile
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replied July 17th, 2017
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I cannot tell you if you are pregnant or not, but I can tell you that pregnancies while you are on Nexplanon are extremely rare. Nexplanon is one of the most effective birth control methods by far.

So my suspicion is is that it is just hormonal, not pregnancy.

Best of luck!
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