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newborn baby with enlarged kidney

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hi there,
i am going to be father in next2-3 weeks but i am worried because doctor's informed me that my baby has one enlarged kidney. they are not explaining all this in details but i want to know is it dangerous or it will be alright after the birth. this is our first baby so very hard time to go through.

please-please inform me in details.

Harpreet singh
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replied July 31st, 2009
Welcome to the forum..I am sorry honey but only your wifes OBGYN can tell you what is going on..Make an appointment and go see the doctor with your wife..Write down your questions ahead of time and write down the answers or take a tape recorder with you..It is always scarey when your little one is in any form of illness or danger..Your baby is yet to be born and your worries have already begun-you will be a wodnerful loving attentive father..When you are stressed it is easy to not understnad or remember what you are told so a tape recorder would be beneficial..I pray all goes well..k
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