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Newborn awake/sleep schedule

I have a 4 week old boy. I am wondering if it is normal for him to be awake 6-7 hours at one time. He usually falls asleep around 8-9pm and sleeps through the night besides getting up every 3 hours to feed and he usually falls asleep while feeding. He then gets up at 8-9am and is wide awake until about noon. He then falls back asleep till about 3pm. He then is awake from about 3pm until 8 or 9 at night. He does not cry to much and likes to just look around. I am just wondering if it is normal for him to be awake that long as I have read around that most newborns shouldn't be awake for longer than 2 hours.
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replied July 28th, 2010
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I know it might sound crazy, but babies can have a mind of their own despite what "the book says". Three hour feedings are great for a baby of his age. As long as he is happy and eating well, it's nothing to worry about. He is sleeping more at night, so think of it as amount slept per 24 hours rather than an actual schedule of times. He can't tell time and his body isn't hooked up to an analog clock Smile

Enjoy your little one and congratulations!
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