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New to working out, need to increase muscle mass

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Hey. I'm 19 years old and tired of my 16 BMI and being in the 1 percentile of people my age being 110 pounds. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago because I notice when I quit, I'm more hungry. I also notice my forearms get bigger and my body goes into what feels like (and what I call) "repair mode" even without working out after I sleep and wake up I feel muscular pain as if I been working out the day before meanwhile I havent. Whout working out I notice my skin tone is deeper, my acne goes away, and I'm more energetic.

I'm far from being a pro at workout out. I need some advice on what to start out with. I don't want to work out too hard and burn too many calories. From experimentation I need to consume 3800 to 4200 calories per day to gain as much as 1-2 pounds a week. I used to workout without eating right, and I assume I burned too many calories and I simply lost weight.

What exercises should I be doing to first train my muscles before getting into heavy weight lifting? I am mainly concentrating on cardio. I quit smoking and I want to increase my lung capacity. I know from experience its way easier to workout with weights and freehand workouts after I spend some time doing cardio to get my lungs in proper order.

This is what I'm currently doing for workouts which I do all at the park

A light 15 minute jog through the paths
3 sets of 6 pullups at a tree that makes for a nice pullup bar
3 sets of 20 push ups
3 sets of 30 tricep dips
3 sets of 50 sit ups
3 sets of 50 squats

I don't do these all on the same day. Only 3 days of the week I go take a jog, this is also when I do pullups, pushups, tricep dips and squats. Other days I've been doing weight lifting but I recent quit those. Im only trying to do freehand workouts right now because I don't have the muscle to have proper form with weights.

I am having pretty damn good success with my nature-style workout. Before I could only manage to jog for 20 second intervals without wanting to die. I can now jog for a continuous 34 seconds before having to slow down or stop completly. 1 week ago I could only manage to do 2 sets of 4 pullups I am now able to do 3 sets of 6, sometimes I get an extra 1 pullup for 7 total. I've managed to go from 12 tricep dips to 30, went from 22 sit ups to 50 and 30 squats to 50. I'm amazed at how quickly I was able to do more so easily. I actually FEEL my muscles working and I have more control when I'm doing pull/push ups. I can actually push/pull myself down and up slowly using muscle to really feel them burn. Another fantastic thing is how I went from being so week maxing out at 12 push ups to 25 in as little as a week. Sometimes I manage 30 if I ate properly that day.

I always been a skinny kid since I was born, but I guess since I have had horrible nutrition and been abusing drugs way too often since I was 13 I will see very quick results once I properly eat and workout right. I've been told since I'm a skinny guy I should blow up pretty quick.

Right now I only supplament Muscle milk powder. I also take a couple servings of chai seeds throughout the day for the extra protein and omega 3s. I've been thinking about adding Serious Mass to the mix only for the calories but I think I'd rather stick to muscle milk and instead of serious mass for calories, I will just eat peanutbutter as a snack 2x a day since its so high in calories that will give me an extra 500 calories per day.
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This post has been removed because it did not meet our Community Guidelines.
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