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I'm glad to have found this forum, I hope I can get the support I'm hoping for here. I'm a 39 yr old female, married w/ 2 young children. After a back injury in August where I tore a muscle, I was extra fatigued in healing and after 6 wks could not exercise due to fatigue, shortness of breath. I've had several medical tests: Chest Xray: normal, thyroid: normal, EBV/mono: no current infection but I had it in the past (don't remember), Valley Fever: negative, EKG: normal, etc. My childhood BFF has CFS/Fibro and she said she hated to tell me, but if after this long (3 mo.), I'm still sick, I probably have CFS. I have an appt. w/ a CFS specialist in the Phoenix area on Monday.

My symptoms are:
shortness of breath
brain fog (low memory and concentration)
chest pain (very bad at times)
swollen lymph nodes
fatigue ranging from moderate to severe
prolonged fatigue after exercising
*Other symptoms - I don't know if they're related.

I'm trying acupuncture, Chinese herbs, mega B vitamins and magnesium, Juice Plus supplements, eating more healthy, etc. I gave up alcohol and caffeine. Friends have suggested I give up wheat and dairy to see if it helps. (Not looking forward to that suggestion, but maybe after the holidays.) I try to listen to my body and rest a lot. I'm not seeing much improvement. I have high hopes for this CFS specialist, but I don't want him to disregard me b/c my symptoms have been less than 6 months.

I'm hoping I will find support in this forum b/c I worry that my F&F get tired of hearing about my illness. And I want to hear stories from a broader group. I've talked to two friends and one cousin with CFS/Fibro.

Has this gotten much worse for you? How long was your first onset? Do you feel somewhat recovered? What helps you? I'm finding this disease to be different for each person. Thank you for your time.
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