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Hi, I had severe heartburn a month back one night. I didn't even know it was acid reflux coz I've never had any indigestion. Or acid reflux till date and I am 28yrs old. After that day, i had it continuously for about a week after which I went to the doctor. He put me on panto prazole 40mg straight away and it worked immediately but then the side effects were too much for me. I stopped using it after 4 days and went a week without any medicines. In that time, I didn't have Any more heartburn but started getting some cough and felt like I had a lump in my throat. I do not have any problems at night or even till lunch, it starts or gets worse only in the evenings. Then the doctor put me on lansoprazole and sucralfate and again, with one tablet my acid reflux symptoms were gone. However he asked me to be on it for 3months. I again had side effects and decided that my acidity was better than the side effects and stopped them after a week. Now he has put me on Pepcid 20mg. Am exploring natural ways of getting rid of gerd. I've always been a healthy person and never had issues till date and hence the panic. I am eating completely bland food and that is helping me. Even if I don't take medicines I no longer have heartburn and pain, just some tightness in the throat sometimes and a burning sensation and occasional burps. Even the '"lump"feeling in my throat is no longer there. I do not have any stomach pain or any other symptom. are these signs that I am getting better? Do people get gerd due to stress? I had been under stress when my symptoms appeared. Am trying manuka honey and fenugreek seeds as a natural remedy but yet to see any results. I want to avoid using tablets.
I am newly married and moved to the U.S. 6 months back and I feel miserable Sad
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replied November 7th, 2014
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I've just answered your post on a different forum.
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replied July 5th, 2015
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Avoid alcohol, spicy or fried food............and never eat & lay down..........
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