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I have had pain for 3 months. Its my lower back and when I sit for any length of time it travels to my buttocks and back of my upper thigh. MRI shows arthritis but my disks are fine. I'm 50 yrs old by the way.

Tried 4 weeks of PT with no change.

3 days ago I had a facet block with no change in pain.

Nov. 30 Dr. said if I got relief from the facet block he would repeat it but if no relief he would do an epidural.

I thought the facet block was really painful, I wasn't expecting that. They gave me versed, but man oh man.

Thanks for listening.
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replied November 21st, 2011
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Arthritis comes only two reasons:

1) Bones are out of alignment.
2) Bones are not moving.

PT works for an injury, not so good for chronic pain. It is not addressing the misalignment and lack of motion in your hips. That's why it does not work for you.
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