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new teaching job and my Immune System is weak?

I have been under a lot of physical stress lately. I began a new teaching job this fall and I am not getting enough sleep, eating properly or excersising enough. I will be 20 years old in December. My immune system has became very weak and my body is very weak also. These are the "symptoms" I have had now for the past month or 2 and I need advice on what I can do to "rebuild" my health. I have hair loss, itchiness on scalp (slightly flaky), constantly "sick" (cannot ever get over a cold, etc.), abdominal pain (it does NOT feel like stomach ache, bowel issues or menstrual cramps. It is sudden intense pain which shoots through my abdomen. Coughing sometimes sets it off or just normal movements that never use to affect me in a painful way), light irregular bleeding unrelated to my menstrual period which last for a day or 2 and is very random in timing (every several weeks or just when I have physically exerted myself like running at recess with the children and then I'll bleed for the next day or so), also slight cystic ance (1 or 2 here or there) and a facial rash that appears like acne but is not (my face is just rough and has flaky-ish skin and will randomly become intensely itchy and red. It appears like acne a lot, but I do not have many actually whiteheads, blackheads, etc. I am thinking that maybe certain foods are setting off the facial itchy and redness problem.) I would really appreciate some advice and suggestions and thoughts on what I should do. I have been trying to get more sleep. Thank you!
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replied November 28th, 2012
Poor baby
Oh my...My doctor told me that it's hormones....I have the same problem. I'm under intense stress. I have a constant chronic cough (she claims is allergies), my cycle now comes on different days and my face broke out. See your doctor, and tell them ALL that's happened. Leave nothing out! If they say you're ok, then believe that it's chill out~
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