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new moles after sunburn

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My boyfriend and I had a pool day, i got much redder than I initially thought but I wasn't really concerned about it..i only had a small amount of peeling, but afterwards(maybe a coincidence I dont know) I discovered a small sore like thing on my looks like a scab, sort of like dry blood and was rough, but my mom seemed somewhat concerned since I'm kinda pale...then just the other day I got out of the shower and noticed a new mole like thing on my lower back, it looked JUST like the thing on my shoulder only it didn't look so much like a scab like it looked and felt more like a mole but around the edge looked bloody(only it isn't bleeding)? I'm planning to make an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow, I wasn't so concerned about the thing on my shoulder but this new mole on my back does not look right and I'm really worried about it
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replied July 14th, 2008
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Do you feel some sensations in scab- like mole, such as itching?
Have you noticed that some oozing is coming out from the mole?
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