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New Mattress Is Causing Me To Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Hi Everyone! New to the forums here. Hoping I can get some help or guidance.

I recently bought a new mattress after sleeping on my previous mattress for 20 years. (Yes, it was a mattress I grew up with as a kid!) My old mattress was firm (and probably not very healthy for my body being it so old) and I always found it comfortable, but I had to have the pillows propped up on an angle (probably an unhealthy position to sleep in, but I always found it comfortable and even tried other positions to wake up in the morning with my head propped up and the pillows almost vertical). When My bed frame broke I decided to get a new mattress, box spring, frame, mattress protector, and sheets & shams.

I bought a simmons beauty sleep continuous coiled pillow top mattress, which is a firm mattress with a soft pillowtop. When trying it at the store I found it very comfortable. The first few weeks with the new mattress at home were rough because I’d wake up in the middle of the night with a sore neck, but would be able to fall back asleep shortly after that for the most part. After the first 2.5 weeks, my body was well adjusted to the mattress, it became more comfortable and I’m not sore at all.

However, I still wake up EVERY night. I was a VERY solid sleeper with my old mattress and any other mattress i’ve slept on. (even couches, etc). I could sleep 8-10 hours on days off from work. I would wake up feeling rested and restored.

The last few nights have been really rough. I’ve been falling asleep fine, and around the 3am hour I will wake up from a dream and can’t get back to sleep for hours. A few times I’ve woken up warm/cold but for the most part, I can’t seem to figure out why I wake up and why I can’t get back to sleep right away like I use to (in the case I did wake up, which was rare on my old mattress).

It’s starting to bother / upset / scare me because I’ve always enjoyed sleeping A LOT. I love sleep! Now I can’t get more than 6-7 hours withing a 10-11 hour period of time and it’s driving me CRAZY!

I don’t know even know how to address my problem or know what it is. Is it insomnia? I can get to sleep just fine. I just wake up abnormally and can’t get back to sleep.

Again, I don’t wake up with any pain or anything. I don’t even know what the problem could be!

These are a few things that are churning in my head :

1) Am I still adjusting to the mattress? Is my body not use to the new way i’m sleeping? Because I sleep on it differently, am I breathing differently? Can A new mattress alter my natural melatonin?

2) Do you think off/out gassing could affect my sleep? Even though I don’t notice any discomfort? How could I address this?

3) Do you think in some sort of bizarre twist that somehow I’m allergic to the new sheets / mattress protector? I don’t have any allergies I am aware of and I don’t even know the difference between materials from my old sheets to my new sheets.

I’m tempted to borrow my Mom’s air mattress and sleep on that for a few. See if it affects my sleep the same way.

I don’t even know if what I am dealing with is insomnia but I can’t imagine it anything else.
Has anyone else had similar problems?
Any help or guidance is really appreciated!

I just want to sleep solidly again!

Thanks in advance!


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replied March 31st, 2015
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Hard to isolate exactly what's going on, but the fact that you have what sounds like a new high quality mattress does suggest looking elsewhere for solutions.

Much insomnia can be caused by negative thinking and worry about the idea of sleep. You lose sleep worrying about losing sleep.

Bad habits that don't support good sleep can also exact a toll. Drinking coffee or colas too late in the day, not getting exercise, taking a 3-hour nap, sleeping in 'til noon. All these can disrupt a good night's sleep.

If this is a short term thing it may resolve on its own. If it continues to bother you, a visit to your doc may be in order to rule out any underlying medical issues. Then you might consider looking at CBT, cognitive behavioral methods, to help improve sleep. There's much info online if you google something like CBT adult sleep training methods or similar search terms.

Good luck.
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