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New here but not so new to TTC and Infertility.

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I've decided to switch forums. I use to be on a Mummy&baby site. The TTC section was very small and many people came and went very fast.
Since i now know our issues are deeper i'm looking for support and advice. Someone to interact with, with some understanding.
I write a blog which the link can be found on my profile. Most of everything i go through is on there out there for the world to read.
But here is a brief history of our situation.
This information can be found on my blog under pages. This is my page.
June - 2009 Trying to conceive began.

June - 2009 - October - 2009 My cycle were a little out of sync.

August -2009 Started BBT on Fertility Friend.

October - 2009 Soy #1. CD3-CD7 -BFN

November -2009 Soy #2 CD 5-CD9 - BFN

February -2010 Cycle was 54 days long. I went to the Doctor.

April - 2010 Frist round of medication from the Doctor - Duphaston #1 - BFN

May - 2010 Duphaston #2 - BFN

June - 2010 Duphaston #3 - BFN cycle 57days long. Back to the doctor.

July - 2010 Clomid #1 - BFN

September - 2010 Clomid #2 - BFN

October - 2010 - March - 2011 Natural cycles -BFN's

February -2011 DH went for a SA. See DH page for his journey.

March -2011 Duphaston #4 -BFN

April -2011 Duphaston #5 -BFN

May - 2011 Duphaston #6 - BFN

June - 2011 ClearBlue Fertility monitor.#1 - BFN

July - 2011 ClearBlue Fertility monitor. #2 - BFN

August - 2011 ClearBlue Fertility Montior. #3 - BFN Vitex #1

September - 2011 Vitex #2

Here is the information where my DH is at.
February -2011 DH went for a SA test.

Late February -2011 Went to see a specialist. Two infections present on the test results.

March -2011 - May -2011 Antibiotics started. Along very strong course.

May - 2011 Another infection test was preformed. Another infection present. More antibiotics given as treatment.

June - 2011 - September - 2011 Supplements given to help improve quality of sperm.

October -2011 Another SA test preformed. No improvement. DH is classed as infertile. More supplements have been given for another two months. Then a SA will need to be done again.

The Doctor is hopeful things will improve.

If there is anyone in a simiular situations please feel free to comment.
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