im 15 and never met my father.
i dont know what he looks like.
my mom left him when she was preg.
but he didnt know...
im sure i found him in the phonebook..
but now what??
please give me suggestions.
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replied February 5th, 2009
Hello, Im 19 and have never met my dad...I was sort of in contact with him when I was about 15 but it sort of just fizzled out...not really very responsible of him. So are you saying that he doesnt know about you? - its going to be hard to introduce yourself to him especially if he didnt even know he had a child, but im sure he would love to get to know his child...def give it a go...what can you loose?
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replied May 22nd, 2009
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my friend is 31 this year and never met his biological mum. his mum n dad divorced when he was a baby i think.. even if he seen her as a baby he cant remember.. then his father remarried but then he left his wife and left his family altogether.. wat i feel is that maybe this guy, or any person who is missing one of the parents, perhaps will grow up 'differently' but one day, will still meet the parent somehow
its worth a try.. a parent is still a parent, and u cant run away from these ties..
my ex classmate has never met his dad either. but i think his mum kept it from him coz his father died.. coz his mum never talked to him abt his father, just that he knew his dad was of a different nationality.. he has completely no idea who his dad is.
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