I was been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder a few months ago. I am too young (14) to get anti-depressants also I have been dabbling in weed recently to try and help this.

For the longest time I can remember I didn't care about girls at all even when my friends were starting to date. But there is a girl I have always had a shine for but never came clean about it.

I have never been asked out, and I am not shy with girls I was admittedly a !**@! in the past but not now, I am fairly athletic, intelligent (some people call me a polymath, I am far too clever for my age and I believe this to be the source of my bi-polar) and charismatic. Girls act fairly normal around me.

But anyway for the past two years the girl I have a shine for has been dating a boy from her school. I recently came clean to her about this and although she didn't say that she had a shine to me as well as her oldest and best friend I could tell that she has feelings for me but doesn't want to admit them but anyway she was trying to pair me up with another girl and then that girl got a boyfriend. So basically all of the girls I know have either friendzoned me, are going out with someone, I'm not interested in them or have rejected me.

So in short I want a girlfriend because, It's not helping my bi-polar at all and to help me stay away from the pot and generally because I want that sense of love and companionship that I have only had to chance to scratch the surface of. So any help on how to get a girlfriend or understanding why I don't have one would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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replied March 30th, 2013
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Hi.. im 14 years old and I know what u are going thru, but this is from a girls perspective...many girls want the nice guy who will treat her right.. but mainly they want the one with the confidence to s her out.. girls dont really enjoy asking the boy, since we believe that the boys should be the ones to ask. and if she has a boyfriend thn u have waited to long.. find someone with the same interests as u an slowly build up a relationship. it can't just happen very fast
hope this helps
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