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Never ending urination before going to bed

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Hey, forum. This is a long read, but it's an incredibly unique and odd problem.

Okay, here goes.

I've been suffering with this for months and it's gone through phases of being annoying, bad, annoying, gone, annoying, bad and now really bad.

So when I go to the bathroom during the day, in the evening or at night when I intend to be awake afterwards, I have no problems. But when it comes time to go to bed, when I finish going I feel the need to keep going, like a presence that can't be ignored. But there's nothing there. I have to sit there, waiting for the tiniest of drips to come out and only then can I go to bed. Sometimes by the time I get to my bedroom (three steps from my bathroom) or even to my bathroom door, I need to go again. And the sensation of the urge can't be ignored, or slept through.

Sometimes in bed I'll turn over, and the movement will trigger the need to go and I'll have to get up and go through the painful process all over again. And it's not painful as in OUCH it's just incredibly uncomfortable and annoying. It's gotten to the point that I dread going to bed. I stayed up for over 28 hours because of this dread. Two days ago it took over an hour before I could get to bed. If I finally finish and then I don't go to bed straight away, for example I have to go tend to my dog because he's up, once I finish with my dog I have to go back again, suffer through it again and then go straight to bed. Or not straight to bed, then I have to go again. The process repeats. Sometimes I'll need to go again as soon as I stand up from sitting on the toilet.

There were several days when I was up and down for over two hours every three to ten minutes when I was trying to get to sleep.

Here's some weird things: if I shower right before I go to bed, then go to the bathroom and then go to bed, I don't have to spend as long going. Which is weird because it's not like I do anything in the shower. Sometimes I might have to get up one more time, but usually not.

It used to be just when I'm going to bed at night. I could go to bed in the day no problem. But now that's changed - unless my going to bed is spontaneous, like I'm on my bed working (I'm a writer and graphic artist) but I'm so tired I can't continue, then I close my laptop and lie down, I can fall asleep no problem. In fact, I did that today. It was fine. Actually today was an exception to most things. I was up for 28-ish hours (with a 30 minute nap around hour 20 - which was today's no problem) but when I got back from my outing after the nap, I was able to go, maybe stay there and have to wait for one or two drips, go to bed no problem.

Oh and the last weird thing? This is only at my house. For a while every other week I would stay with my parents to babysit my brother while they went out. It didn't happen there - maybe once I'd be in bed trying to get to sleep, feel the need to go and then go. No weird presence, (which is like a burning in my bladder region. But not like a fire burning, more like a //something's here and present// burning) and I'd go normally, go back to bed and get to sleep.

What with the shower and thing and this only happening in my house, I'm aware it sounds like it could be all in my head or a mental issue. But I guarantee you that it's not. Because occasionally, I do have to go a substantial amount again. And it's weird and it makes no sense. And I can never, ever sleep through it.

Oh, and one last thing. I can't go to a doctor. I literally do not have that ability. I can't explain why, it's too complicated.

Additional info for anyone who might want/need it: I'm 24, never had kids, don't smoke or drink, this happens when I've been drinking (water or milk is all I drink) before bed or whether I haven't, I have no pre-existing conditions and this has only been going on for most of this year.

More additional info: prior to June 2013, I worked in an office building with two breaks during the day. Between leaving my house at 8am and the second break at 1pm, I never needed to go. Then I'd return home at 5pm and go then. But then June 2013 hit and I experienced my first night of drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol was the first time I ever had to frequently urinate over the space of a few hours. I returned home, and there were some changes. I'd need to go to the bathroom before I left home at 8, when I got to work at 9, at the break at 11, 1, before I went home at 5, on the //way// home (I had to stop at a mall almost every day) and then when I got home. But there were no problems other than having go to more frequently at work for the rest of the 2 years I was on the job. Then years pass, an no problems until last year where for 2 months I had to get up 3-7 times a night to go. Then that ended and no problems until early this year where I had the problem described above as needing to go every 3-10 minutes when trying to get to sleep. Then a few free months, now this. Started back in July I think, but was only slightly annoying, has gotten to the driving me insane part only this month.

And that's all. Any input would be appreciated.
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