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never been pregnant and i don't know what to expect

I'm just confused on if the brown discharge might have represented inplantation..
my husband and i have unprotected sex all the time. been together for 2 years just about and still have never been pregnant. had some scares but never anything. but, ive been feeling more tired lately. dont know if it's cuz im working more at work or what. ALSO, my breasts are a little more tender. my body seems a little more tired. ive been getting random acts of hiccups. and mood swings like crazy! they dont hurt, just feel different. i should be starting my period on the first of dec. ive never been pregnant and idk what to expect for possibilites if i am such as signs of pregnancy..
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replied November 29th, 2011
every pregnancy is differnt you may get morning sickness moody cravings very thirsty constipation backaches nosebleeds swelling and the list goes on and on you can buy a book called what to expect when your expecting it will help you will also want to get on wic at your health office good luck
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