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Neurological symptoms ?

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I have had many odd symptoms for years and I am starting to wonder if they have a connection and if so could they be related to MS?

Around 1995 I had an episode where I felt as if I had an out of body experience. It was if I was high on something. It happened instantly. It is very hard to describe but its like I know my body was there but I had very a diminished sensation of my physical being. Even normal surroundings didnt seem 'normal' to me, it was like I was in a dream. My friend took me to an ER and they did not run any tests and said they had no idea what was wrong with me. It went away within a day. Over the next few years I had more episodes like these. They lasted anywhere from a few hours to a day or so. The next one that really stuck out in my mind was in 1997 a week after I had my second child. I was having coffee with a friend and I had the same weird experience..I went to put my coffee on the table and I actually had to watch myself do it because I could not 'feel my being' well enough to judge that I was putting the coffee down properly. I am very much able to go about my normal activites but a little more awareness was needed to execute tasks. I have had about 20+ of these attacks since 1995. When I would feel these episodes coming on I would get very scared and try to change my activity in hopes they would be avoided. It never prevented them, they came anyway. I havent had one in about 2-3 years.

Another thing that I found VERY odd is that I have gotten this very weird sensation in my head as if my brain was constricting. There was no as if someone was squeezing my brain for about a minute and then it was over. I usually would just close my eyes and wait for it to be over as it was so odd it scared me. No other symptoms have been present when this has happened. This has happened a dozen or so times since early 1990s.

More recently in 2005 I was driving and suddenly lost my peripheral vision. I went straight to an er and had a cat scan that was normal. I was diagnosed as having an optical migrane. I never had any pain with this and my p. vision was only gone a few hours.

In 2006 I was pregnant with my third child and I got restless leg syndrome. I related it to the pregnancy but it has never really went away. ( I also had another child in 2008) Now my legs get so irritated that I have to 'kick them out' at night in order for the feeling to go away. It only happens once or twice every couple weeks and I notice that at times it happens more often.

Since about 2000 I get these other episodes that start in my right eye. It feels like it is really dry and irritated as if there is something stuck in it...within minutes there the skin under my eye turns super sensitive and within hours the entire right side of my face is affected. It is only mildly painful and is more irritating than anything. It feels like my face is sunburned and someone has rubbed sandpaper on it. Even blowing on my face is irritating. I can even feel the sensation on the inside of my cheek and I try not to talk or eat because the motion just irritates it even more. It is only the right side of my face and this happens about 3-4 times a year and lasts about 1-2 days. This actually just happened to me last night and has just went away..but this time when it happened my cheek just below my eye had a muscle spasm that came every 20 min or so and lasted a few hours.

Ringing in my ears for years, but has only gotten really irritating to me a few times.

I have had well over a hundred dizzy spells since early 1990's when I stand up. And yes I have tried standing up slowly. When stand to my feet and get dizzy I cant say that I get 'tunnel vision' with them..but it seems like everything goes dark and I cannot see anything for like a few seconds. Its not a spinning sensation, it is more like I get a huge head rush.

I have had many visual floaters over the years they look like little squiggly lines and it goes away within 5 min or so. More recently I just had a visual disturbance where on the left side of my vision plane was this huge zig zag that actually looked like a saw with teeth on both sides. It was like as if I were looking into a saw shaped light for hours and the image was burned there. The vision inside the saw like disturbance and just on the outside of it was all distorted and when I looked at my husbands face I could not see all of it because of the disturbance. I closed my eyes and it was still there. This lasted about 20 min. I also had a sensation very much like my out of body experience mentioned earlier.

I have been suffering from short term memory loss for years and it has become a joke with all my friends but it really is irritating.

I mix up words a lot but I have always contributed that to just not thinking before talking and no one ever thinks its a big deal. For instance...I will be talking to someone and say "I made 'a tire' last sunday instead of saying 'pie' but I really think that it is because I was thinking about a tire recently.

It is very hard to concentrate sometimes.

Since my last 2 babies I have been very fatigued but that could very well be my hypothyroidism.

For the last couple of months there is one spot on my back that just burns like someone is putting a lit cigar on me, and it is only in one spot.

Also for the last several weeks my arms fall asleep almost every night. I am even woke by it. I have tried every position to stop this and even have used many pillows with no luck. I have to assume its the position I am sleeping in..but It happens so easily and just about every single night. For the last week I must have slept on my arm wrong or something because the muscle (or a nerve) in my forearm hurt so bad that I couldnt even bring a fork up to my mouth as I was eating and then I tried to grasp something later in the day and it was so weak with pain I could not do it.

For years I have only had bowel movements every few days and I get constipated a lot, but that could also be from my thyroid disease.

I am a 35 year old female with Hashimoto's Disease, Vitiligo, and TMJ caused from Osetoarthritis. Other than that I am in great health.
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replied March 21st, 2009
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Have you been evaluated by a neurologist?
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replied March 22nd, 2009
No i have not.
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