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Neuro-Lyme disease - neuroborreliosis

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I was officially diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease (neuroborreliosis) first thought to be MS. I am having sx of Orthostatic Hypotension. Is that common?

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replied May 24th, 2012
Sorry John I can't help you there, this condition or drug is one I've never heard of!

I've used Ceftriaxone which was induced on drip over 30 days (9 months ago). At first every thing seemed to be fine but I was aware that I was reverting back to my former self around four weeks ago when my right eyebrow went into spasm for a 10 second burst. Since I've lost a little bit of sensitivity over both my left hand and right hand upper lip, these heighten and relapse without cause or reason and I have had a few bouts of tinnitus. Most worryingly my heart flutters have returned and I have definitely enjoyed zero palpitations for the last six months following the intravenously induced antibiotics. But now unfortunately as I said, they have returned leaving me certain that Arrhythmias are a result of Neuroborreliosis albeit rare.

I may be being over dramatic but six years ago I was fitted with an Holster at the Salus hospital in Spain and diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation; only to be told by the cardiologist that my heart is extremely healthy and in perfect condition. Is it possible that these events could be associated with the Borrelia Burgdorferi disease and an attack on the spinal cord which if true is rather worrying.

Furthermore again perhaps coincidental, over the last 12 years I have been diagnosed with three heart attacks in three different hospitals. (The Salus, Fuengirola, Sarasota in the USA & Preston in the UK) On each occasion the cardiologist says there is definitely nothing wrong with my heart although my Cardiac enzyme report and the ECG has indicated differently. On each occasion and within days if not hours these have returned back to normal and the medical staff have been amazed expressing that this cannot happen. 'Kryptonite' has been mentioned by everyone.

I've had facial palsy on my left hand side, (2 weeks) coupled with double vision (6 weeks) Palsy returned on my right hand side, I've lost the use of my left leg on three occasions, but I wrote this off as sleeping on a nerve, my reflexes on the left hand side had diminished by 50% but all in all I'm in good shape, I'm mobile!

I've been having blood tests every three months after the drip. It was initially reduced to 20.5, three months later 16.3 and three months ago it had risen to 18.7 which is still below 20 (the danger line) but any rise worries me! Several studies from Europe have suggested oral Doxycyclineis equally as effective as intravenous ceftriaxone in treating neuroborreliosis. If I get above the 20 mark I'll get my Neurologist to give it a go I report back to you with my findings.
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