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Nerve damage due to breast op

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Nerve damage due to breast op
Hi. Wondering if there are others in my position.
Im 29 and A year ago I had a large benign lump (thank goodness!) removed from my left breast. Almost straight away I was in lots of pain. It took the surgeon months to refer me to a pain specialist who discovered that I had suffered nerve damage. I have hypersensitivity over my left breast, chest, armpit and part of my back. I get sharp pain through my nipple and under my armpit. And a burning ache under my breast. I have tried a few forms of medication but side effects have been acute. Currently on the highest dose of imipramine I can be on. It helps but still in a lot of pain. I am a professional glassblower and have had to, very reluctantly, give up my job. As you can imagine I'm pretty stressed about this. Has anyone else got over this?
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