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nerve below my left eye starts blinking inside or jumping. why?

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please help me in knowing the reason. i'll be very thankfull.
thank you!!
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replied July 28th, 2011
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Eye Twitching and Eyelid Twitches are actually very common. The following is taken from an article by Burt Dubow, OD.

Eye twitching causes

Eye twitching, eyelid tics and spasms are pretty common. Usually only the bottom lid of one eye is involved, but the top eyelid also can twitch. Most eye twitches come and go, although they can last for weeks or even months.

To find a solution for twitching eyes, the underlying cause of this annoying problem needs to be determined. Called myokymia, these rippling muscle contractions in an eyelid can be triggered by:

•Eye strain
•Dry eyes
•Nutritional imbalances

Almost all sudden-onset eyelid twitching is benign, meaning the condition is not serious or a sign of a medical problem. However, this kind of eye twitching also can be hard to treat. The only option for making the twitching stop may be to figure out the cause and deal with it.

More serious forms of eyelid twitching are caused by neurological conditions such as blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm. These conditions are much less common and should be diagnosed and treated by an eye doctor.

So, if the condition really bothers you, you should see your optometrist for an evaluation. Good luck.
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