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Negative test but possible pregnancy symptoms??

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I have been on birthcontrol for 5 yrs now.I get my period 4x a yr. I tend to miss pills & was also on an antibiotic mid-late Jan. The 1st day of my last period was around Jan 3rd. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Jan 26-30th(everyday) he didnt pull out everytime. I was having cramping like a period & clearish discharge around the time of sex & after. Now my breast are tender, i do not fit in my bra, im having lower back pain, headaches, fatigue(waking at night)constant temp of 99.4-99.6 for over 1 & 1/2 wks,nausea every now and then(threw up last night and about 2 hrs ago). I am also peeing more often. My pants barely fit because im so bloated.

I have had an upper GI & gallbladder sono & everything is fine there, during a trip to the hospital because the pain was odd since im on birthcontrol & not due for my period yet they found no UTI kidney infection or yeast/bacterial. I also have no apendix so i knew the pain wasnt that.I am not due for my period until the begining of april b/c of the pill so i took a test monday but it was negative.

Went to the gyno tuesday (new gyno 1st visit) pelvic exam was normal except for the discharge,did culturesand they come back thurs, however i know nothing will show because it didnt at the hospital the week prior. He didnt listen to my other sypmtoms so no tests were taken other than the culture & my normal pap.
Im very confused b/c my mom says if im pregnant he would have been able to tell but since since i've never seen him before wouldn't everything look normal anyway since he doesnt know what it looked like before?
Im just worried because oh the fever & back pain. Pregnant? Not Pregnant? Other possibilities?? HELP!!
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