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negative HPT - could i still be pregnant

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hi, i am wondering how reliable home pregnancy test results are. would this depend on the brand i am using. i already have taken 4 HPT after an unprotected sex a week after my period. i took the first one 3 days before my expected period because the hpt label said it can detect HCG 8 to 10 days after conception. it turned out negative. i took the 2nd one a day after i missed an expected period, it also said negative. the third one i took on Saturday and the last one yesterday, both says negative. It is now the 34th day and my period is already 4-6 days late. If not pregnancy, what else could have cause delayed period? i am not feeling any pms or pregnancy sypmtoms except for light discharges and a little cramping. should i take another hpt test? i am wondering what are the factors that may cause HPT to mislead the user (negative when it should be positive) shouldnt i be drinking water an hour before taking the test? ive learned that from a friend, im not sure if that is true.
i would really appreciate any reply.
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replied June 9th, 2009
Bad idea to drink a lot of water before you test. You could dilute the urine too much and get a false result. A number of factors could affect your late period. I once went 56 days between two periods and was not pregnant. If you are 4-6 days late, I would recommend you wait a few more days, take another HPT, and if it's negative and your period STILL hasn't come. Go see your doctor. He/She may give you a blood test to confirm you are or aren't pregnant and if you aren't, will probably give you a medication that will force a period to start.
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