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negative but that was before my risky behavior...

So I've been a little risky on the sexual tip, I'm not proud of this... But I've been having unprotected sex with a few partners... Don't judge me. Sad things didn't feel unusual until my period came late... In September I had a period th first week ( end of aug to beg. Of sept) . But when I was looking for my period at the beginning of October it never seemed to come.. I had unprotected sex again on October 7th... The next day as I was peeing I saw this long clear stretchy discharge coming out of me... When I wiped, there was a blotch (circular) of white and a bunch of clear discharge... I also noticed I started having a lot of cramping near my ovaries... I read online and it said this appeared to be ovulation but this had never happened to me so excuse my ignorance. A few days later I woke up with lower back pain worse upon standing.... Ok... The problem. Still no period. Finally 2 weeks later I had a period.. But I have been having mild cramping since the incident with the clear stuff... My period was October 20-October 24... Even today, I still feel small cramps around my abdomen through the day... What's wrong with me?? I have also been havin a few headaches.... Could this be HIV....?? Sad I got tested I'm September and was negative but that was before my risky behavior... Someone help please! BTW, I don't usually get menstrual cramps. doctor
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replied November 1st, 2013
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I doubt it is HIV that is causing your cramps though it isn't impossible that you have caught the virus even though it is unlikely. Hepatitis remains a greater threat than HIV.

Most likely your body has reacted to the hormones in the sperm, some of which is likely to have remained inside you, pumped into your uterus by an active cervix and got your body so excited to be conceiving at last and then disappointed that it didn't...
Or did it?

I suggest you get tested again and also take a pregnancy test.

I am not an expert on such things but unusual abdominal pains that last a week or more shouldn't be ignored. Not much is written about ectopic pregnancy and it is very rare but the possibility certainly should not be ignored.

I suggest you visit your doctor.

Good luck!
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