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Need to tell parents that I need an abortion...

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Well, I'm 16, and am beginning to realize that I may be pregnant. I've missed my period and have been vomiting but need to wait a week to test myself to make sure the results are accurate. So in the mean time, I'm trying to prepare myself for telling my parents.

First off, I'm dead scared that they're going to make me split with my boyfriend, who I'd really like to stay with. I mean, a broken condom and a missed pill aren't his fault. Any way I could convince them?

Also, how much do abortions cost? If I am pregnant, I'm in the first trimester. Is it painful? How long till I can resume sex afterwards? I don't feel attached to any baby that may be inside of me, I don't even like babies - But does that mean there wont be an emotional toll involved?

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replied January 12th, 2011
If you and this guy like each other it really will not matter what your parents say or do... you will be an adult in JUST TWO YEARS and you can see him all you want then.(if he wants you)

Just tell your parents the truth and see what they say. I woudl not even mess around with those "do it yourself tests", i'd go to see a doctor or planned parent hood and see what they say. I am not sure if since you are under 18 the doctors are confidential however i think planned parent hood is, you'd have to call and check with them.
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