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Need someone to speak to, willing to try anything

I am a 28 year old male. I am a British Indian and hence traditionally we tend to stay close with parents. I live with mine and intend to do so for ever. I got married recently to a girl from India. We were introduced through family (we're not related in any way)... We really liked each other and kind of just fell in loved about 2 years ago.

The problem is there is a bit of tension. My mother feels my wife hates her and my wife feels my mother hates her! They feed back to me issues with one and other. I am in the middle. If I say something to the other I will end up hurting everyone and flare things up much more. My wife I'd very emotionally distressed as she is also recoveribg from a very serious accident back in India a year ago. I am finding it difficult keeping her stable and these matters with my mother are not helping. She is still in India and coming to UK next week. She is petrified due to the tension between her and my mum.

I hadn't cried for years until my wife's accident. Now it is a regular thing for me. I am currently lyeing in bed crying because of yet another incident my mum mentioned. I need to speak to my wife about it tomorow and upset my wife just days before she comes here. It is rare to catch my wife's in a good mood nowadays, this will add to her depression. I need a free (geographic) number I can call to just talk and cry over the phone to. Not sure if it will help, but am willing to try anything at the moment, even drugs if they can help. Have no one else I can speak to without causing issues.

I am Hindu, do suicide is against my religion and I would never go there. But I pray to God that I get killed by a bus or something... Just he end my life. I just feel it will save everyone a lot of distress as also myself as I am not able to cope with this anymore.
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replied September 23rd, 2012
By the way, I am uk based so need a uk contact
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