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Need some advice please

Right i was with my ex for 8 years, i had 2 wonderful babies by him who i love very much. when my little boy was 2 i went back to work full time i hadn't worked since having my daugghter who is now 7. anyway in the working world i relised that my ex controlled more of me then i liked and after a horrible 2 years i managed to find the courage to tell him that i no longer loved him. In the back ground i had relied on my manager and he was understanding and caring and one thing lead to another and i found myself falling in love with him. He was a married man and i knew what i was doing was wrong. It all came to a head and he left his wife for me. Now i know that his cheated many times before on his ex wife and that he has been amrried twice, he loves me very much and we are honest and loving and caring with each other but i feel i can't trust him.

I have told him this and he has showed me his phone and its never locked and always laying around his laptop password i know but never use, I have also been sitting with him when he looks at his emails and facebook and theres never anything on tehre to make me think his cheating, He never has time to cheat his with me or working or seeing his 2 little ones from his last marriege,

i am beginging to think that maybe this is me and i am thinking these things ebcause of how i was treated in my last relationship.

I just neeed a little advice before i throw away the one relationship i know will work if i can just ge over my stupid thoughts and insurities.
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replied December 11th, 2010
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Hi PrincessKelly and welcome to ehealth: What makes you think that you will ever throw away your "stupid thoughts and insecurities"?...Your words and not mine...IMO, when something like this happens you will always wonder, if he did it with me, would he do this with another woman?.....This would be in the back of my mind...On the other hand, you have already left your husband and if this one is offering his heart to you and you love him to death, then why pass up a part of life that you may be sorry for....

All marriages are not made in heaven....Yet, once in a while someone comes along that you mesh with...That special person that makes you complete...This my dear friend, you must find from within and make your decision....I send you all my best wishes...Take care...

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