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Need help with unbearable chronic sciatica

I am a 31 y/o white male, 6 feet, 145 lbs, no pre-existing conditions, no accidents or injuries. In mid-2011 I started getting diffuse pain and paresthesia in the buttocks and backs of my legs when sitting. It would go away if I stood up or laid down. The pain has gotten much worse and now comes on when I lay down and is interfering with my sleep. The pain still gets worse with sitting and goes away with physical activity. Generally I am not sore and it doesn't hurt the instant I sit down, but after a few minutes I feel it coming on and gets worse the longer I sit/lie in one position.

I have tried so many things and no one has even been able to tell me what the root cause of this is. I am worried about losing my job and my wife. The joy in my life is gone because there is so much pain everyday. Things have gotten progressively worse and I am just at the end of my rope.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get a diagnosis and some treatment options? Every test that has been run has come back normal. I went to the Mayo clinic and they had no ideas. I just moved to Houston, TX and there are so many doctors here but I don't know how to find someone to help me.

Here is what I have been through-

Doctors: internist, orthapedic surgeons, neurologists, physical medicine & rehabilitation, pain management, rheumatologist, neurosurgeon

Imaging: x-rays spine and pelvic, MRIs of lumbar spine (both lying down and sitting), thoracic spine, pelvis, lumbosacral plexus

Diagnostics: 2 EMGs, blood work, HLA-B27 (negative), celiacs disease (negative)

Prescriptions: NSAIDs, hydrocodone, ultram, muscle relaxers, anti-epileptics, elavil, requip, lidoderm and flector patches

Steroid injections: lumbar back, piriformis, SI joint, facet joints L4-L5

Physical therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, TENS unit
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replied October 31st, 2012
Active User, very eHealthy
What rsults did the MRIs and x rays show. Normal doesnt always mean compleatly normal Do you have copies of the reports.
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replied November 20th, 2012
The MRIs showed slight disc bulging, slight arthropathy at L4-L5 and L5-S1 but all conditions very mild and every doctor has told me these findings are not unsual for my age and they should not be causing this amount of pain.
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replied November 22nd, 2012
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Its true they don't explain your high pain levels but arthropathy (arthritis) shows all is not well with your spine. Its not normal or healthy to have arthritis at 31 years of age.

Did the chiropractor say anything about what was wrong with your spine. Did you try more than one. I would consider trying to find a really good chiro the quality of care and the techniques they use can vary greatly. If a chiropractor wants to treat you ask them what it is about your spine that is causing the trouble and how they are going to correct it. If they cant spell it out clearly or what they say doesn't seem to make much sense then you are probably not going to have much success.

Good luck post again anytime
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