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Hello Doctor,

I am a Team Manager in one of the leading company with good status and salary. I am very good at work and earned good respect and name for myself in the office. I have a daughter of 5 yrs old.

My husband is also working in a global bank in a good designation. His interest lies on spirituality and medidation and I have no inclaination towards that. Once I went to Beijing (China) and met a girl of my age, who is suppose to be the point of contact for me in Beijing office. The moment I met her I have no other feelings except that she is my collegue. Every day after work, she accompanied me till I reach hotel and during this time we shared a lot of things. In fact, she has invite me to her home and i stayed there for 2 days.

I spent with her for about 5 days and the day I left Beijing and the moment I left her and hotel, she started crying. when I asked about the reason, she said "I may not meet you in person any more in my life" this reply touched me and I also started crying. Finally we hug each other and consoled each other and separated. But I could not forget her after that. Hence I started interacting with her every day (i started this the very next day I left Beijing)as I really started missing her.

She has a feeling of that she not very fluent in English. Hence I decided to develop her spoken English by talking to her. She also enjoyed and i also enjoyed very much. We interacted with each other daily for 1 hr through chat for 2 months. However, after her husband came back to Beijing (he was away when I was there due his official responsibilities) she is not interacting with me as before and started to avoid me.

I got really surprised and upset by her activity as couple of times during my chats, i told her that talkig to her every day is not possible after her husband comes back, at that time she cried and said that she already told her husband that she will talk to me every day which he has accepted. I also interacted with him and he seems to be a very good and friendly guy.

However, this very activity of her really put me off and i really feeling very bad and not able to concentrate on anything. i really really very badly missing her.

When I told about this to her she replied stating that she is not emotional type as I am and also said "please do not expect me to console you as i dont know how to do that". Also she said that, "you need to face all the situations and should not be this much emotional".

My question is then why did she cry and encouraged me to talk every day. Now i am really missing her and not able to live a normal life as I was before. But I want to focus on my job and forget her completely as I also realise that this is the only solution for me not to miss her. Also here in India no body understood and there for me and I dont have any companion at all as my husband is inclined towards spirituality.

Can you please help me?

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