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Need all the information possible P & PA everyw

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Before I get started, I want help with these topics:
Psoriasis (Face, Hands, Legs, Nails, Genital, Ears, Scalp, Body, Arms)
Psoratic Arthritis (Whole Body) - Pain, swelling
Effective cheap things I can do at home
Bad circulation
Women - Makeup for psoriasis on the face , best coverup?

I just want to state that, because my post will be very long and discriptive so I just want

to warn you haha. xD

Me: Name: Alice Sanders, Age: 20 Height 5ft Weight: about 115
I've known i've had P my whole life, PA around when I was 12.
Eating habits as of now, not well I am very busy with school and can only seem to get

in fast food, and money is tight.
I was on Enbrel for a few years, but I do not have insurance anymore.
(Which does Enbrel cause infertility does anyone know?)

Vitamin D3 5000iu
Coconut oil
African Shea butter
I really do not go outside often... or really at all.. and don't so I take one D3 5000iu a

Clobetasol Propionate 0.5 *only so often

Also, my husband of 4 years, doesn't think I have P and i'm just scratching so people

feel bad about my lesions. Is there any way to prove it's not me, and it is very itchy?

Okay so i'll go through each, and any information on any section is VERY appreciated.


Guttate and Plaque

Face - It is on my forehead, nose, inside the nose, I get a lesion now and then in the

corner right next to my eye >_< , Cheeks, and it's also in my ear canal.
All over my legs, arms stomach genitals, buttocks, hands , back
I think my nipples have it too? It gets flaky now and then.
-- probably 85 - 90 % is covered

Also I get these weird scab things on the tips of my toes? I don't know if that is

associated with P?
And, I get these clear itchy bubbles now and then on my hands (palms)

It itches so bad... I can't help my self. Ugh.

****PA Psoriatic Arthritis::
My hands are very swelled, I cannot make a fist any longer, and I can't even open a

When I sleep I wake up constantly because of pain, It will hurt to lift my arms get out

of bed. It hurts walking. Sometimes my rib cage hurts, i've read you can get it there as

well? I get like sharp pains in my ribs.
I just take an ibuprofen.

*** Circulation::
If I am the slightest bit cold, my fingers turn WHITE, like i'm dead or something,

sometimes even blueish purple.

---What can I do? I really cannot afford to go to the doctor, but my parents will help

with whatever over the counter stuff they can.. sometimes my aunt gives me her

*Clobetasol Propionate 0.5 but she can only get me one tube every so often. So I try

to save that for my face and genitals..

Also, about a year and a half ago, moved to a house where the water smells like bleach,

and i was drinking a lot of it. And, I noticed my skin got worse , a lot worse after the

move... could that be a trigger?

**What vitamins are good? I read fish oil is good, but it is hard for me to swallow those.

I can swallow only soft gels... At a reasonable size.

Please help, any information is GREATLY appreciated.
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replied February 18th, 2012
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, the raw unpasterized with "the mother" Braggs is the best! I take 2 to 3 teaspoons full in glass of water,once in morning and at night for my skin problems its amazing stuff ..and I moisten a cloth with it as well to use as compresses to sooth the skin...heres the url check it out treatment-using-vinegar.html
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replied February 29th, 2012
Aloe Vera
I swear by aloe vera gel. You can buy aloe gel drinks (my wal-mart has drinking aloe in a large jug in the health supplement section near the pharmacy) or you can order it online. I get my aloe products from Forever Living. I drank 2-3oz/day for a while and my psoriasis cleared up completely in a few weeks. I experienced no side effects. If you want more information on drinking aloe, I've left comments on the "is there a cure..." thread. I stopped drinking it for a while and now that it's returned, I'm going to try topical aloe (100% pure) to see if that does anything. But, since you have the psoriatic arthritis, I would definitely opt for drinking the aloe gel (only the kind made from consumption, of course). It's a natural anti-inflammatory. See my other post for more information. You can also reply with questions and i'll try to check back soon.

Hope this tips helps!!!
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