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need advice on treatment after a prostatectomy

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Hi everyone, in October 2010, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Here are all the details:

He is 55 years old.

Original diagnosis: Gleason 8 with stage T2B BEFORE the operation.
PSA prior to the operation: 4.5

He had a FULL RADICAL PROSTATECTOMY including the removal of lymph nodes and seminal nerves.

AFTER PROSTATECTOMY staging was T3A with cancer being micrometasticised on one side.

Post operative biopsies revealed that MARGINS AND LYMPH NODES WERE CLEAR.

PSA after the operation: 0.14 (it is steady in this range and has been since 3 weeks after the operation and is still in this region after 11 weeks after the operation, which is now).

My dad's treating urologist says the cancer has most likely spread outside the pelvic region, more likely, into the blood stream.

He did state that no one really knows if my dad still has cancer.

His radiation oncologist says he has an "excellent" chance of being cured with 1 year of hormone therapy and 8 weeks of radiation of the WHOLE PELVIC REGION.

Another medical oncologist from another hospital recommends radiation WITHOUT HORMONE THERAPY.

WHICH WAY TO GO???! We are so confused!! Please be honest with answers!
Is anyone in a similar situation?? Got any suggestions? Thanks!
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