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need advice asap ! could i be pregnant ?

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So my last period was the 7th of this month on the last day of my period i had unprotected sex whhich was the 10th . I also had unprotected sex on the 13th and the 17th . Could i be pregnant ?
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replied January 31st, 2012
Not feeling well after removal of Implanon?
Hi I am wondering if someone can help me... I had my implanon removed on 11th January 2012 and have been very very activly trying to fall pregnant since then. I have been having some weired symptoms and wanted to find out if anyone has experienced the same;

I have has nausia for the last 4 days that lasts from the time I get up until around 4.30-5pm (not being sick though), Diaarhea, stomach cramping & xtreem tierdness.

To date since removal of my implanon I have not had a Menstral Cycle and only had minor spotting a few times in the two years I had the implanon in. Can anyone give me some advice? Are the symptoms I am feeling normal with removal of the implanon or could I bpossible be Pregnant?
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replied February 5th, 2012
kayla 22 - if you don't wish to fall pregant , don't have uprotected sex. there is so much available, nowadays it is not really an accident to fall pregnant.

go to the docters, get on the pill or make your partner wear condoms..

because guys can just get up and walk away and you are left with a baby.
sex is all good and fun, but you will be left with a burden of a child.. just be safe and look after yourself =)
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