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Need advice about sectionning, urgent


I have been in a long term relationship with someone who is agrophobic( he never leaves the house) monophobic, has ocd and has been told years ago he had BPD but they cant find it on paper now.
After so many years with him, life is unbearable and I am worried for my saefety to be honest.
Our relationship has always been rocky due to his behaviour. He doesnt work due to his mental health.
I go to work full time and this is causing loads of problems as he s on his own from eight till five. During this time he does nothing to help but spends his time watching porn, going on virtual games and chatting to other women. He had an emotional affair with one in particular when they kept texting each other and she wanted to meet him. He wanted to but that meant risking losing his comfort if it didnt work out. He told me all about it and I asked him to stop talking to her which he hasnt done. There were many arguments and threats from him he would kill me and set the house on fire but I knew it was anger talking.
Due to his paranoia on safety he wanted a dog. Now we ve got a puppy he doesnt want him anymore because he has to feed him and take him out in the garden and he says he doesnt want to do anything but talk to his women online all day and evening. Yesterday the dog was barking and he tried to hit him after losing his temper. I tried to stop him and he pinned me against the wall leaving a red mark on my chest that took all day to disappear. He said if I try to leave him he would kill me as in prison he d be looked after. He started to take pictures of women in the street through the window and his sexual appetite ids going mad. I dont want to have sex with him as he calls me names all the time, has no respect for me at all. He puts all of this on his mental health and says I make it worse by trying to control what he does.
He wants me to resign to look after him but still wants to carry on the way he is.
He said he doesnt love me and he is here because he wants to see his child everyday ( he loves him so much) and he doesnt want to live on his own.
Tonight I asked him to hoover and he threatened me in front of our child he might kill me to sort out the problem.
Since we ve been together, he called me names, am not allowed to go out when not at work and he treats me with no respect at all.
But he s the father of our child and my child would be devastated without him . Also this is my house and have nowhere to go as I have no friends or family nearby.
He never wanted any treatment but his behaviour worries me. He loses his temper so fast and he is starting to be more hands on, pushing me, grabbing my wrist etc...
Can I ask him being sectionned against his will? Shall I talk to a doctor?
Am so scared of the future. I cant stay in such an abusive relationship but he wont leave.
Sorry for the long and confusing post
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replied July 6th, 2012
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Okay, I'm a bit hazy on the sectioning process, being out of the UK, but anyway.

Yes, by all means, speak to a doctor. He should know what your options are as far as sectioning (or who else to talk to), but you'll have to tell him everything so he has a clear picture of what's going on, that way he'll understand how serious things are. He needs treatment, and you need to get your son out of that environment.
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